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Doctor Doctor (season 1)

1,343 views Comments (2)


7 episodes

If you have important scientific career, in a small town, you will lose time. If you want to be classy specialist heart surgeon, then you are in a small town to gain rich experience to all the most complex cases. There will be a very creative work. Renowned heart surgeon leaves the big city and his practice after certain events and moved to live in a small town..


Royal Pains (season 8)

1,199 views Comments (8)


8 episodes

This serial is about doctor Hank Lawson, who works at the hospital and saved lots of human lives. He was honest, so he never have the aim to earn lots of money. But one day he realized that he will have a deal with the billionaire patient. Hank lost his job because of his patient, but when the time is left, he start to work in prestigious New York suburb. His brother helps him to redeem himself.

Underbelly is Australian tv series based on real events that took place in Melbourne between 1995 and 2004 years. The story tells us about a violent clashes between two criminal bands who compete for power in the crime world. In addition to the war between gangs, we also see another war – between mentioned gangs and the Rapid Reaction Force called Purana, which is accompanied by disassembly of a personal nature, sometimes cruel, and sometimes, so touching and tender, but certainly always exciting and unexpected.