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The site includes a new user-friendly search for films and TV series (top right bar). Now you can filter out, for example, all the films in the genre ‘comedy’ or TV show in the genre ‘drama’ that start at “A”. You asked us about this opportunity and here it is available on the site. Test the new search, and share comments and ...

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1 episodes

Emma, Ravi, and Zuri Ross head off to a rustic summer camp in Maine, where their parents met as teens. Along with their new friends, the trio tries their best to settle into their exciting new lives at Camp Kikiwaka.

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Unfriended (2014) movie poster

One evening Blair was talking on Skype with her boyfriend – Mitcham. During a call their friends join them to chat. Suddenly Blair discovers that among them there is someone else, a stranger named Billy227. At first, Blair and her friends thought it was a computer error, but the stranger starts to communicate and asking unusual questions ...

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Blackbird (2014) movie poster

Young and gifted boy has a gorgeous voice. Such voices no one hear in a small Southern Baptist community for a long time. Man singing in the church and his voice admired by all, everyone says this talent given by God and the boy praise the name of God by his singing. However, there is a nuance that will lead everyone in the confusion. Our hero is a gay ...

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The Escort (2015) movie poster

We’re a little obsessed with sex, but our main character is absolutely sex-addicted. He works as a journalist and the whole life he wants to write about some unbelievable sex adventure. That is why a journalist buys escort service and there he is waiting for an incredible adventure. After all, journalists will accompany the Stanford-educated ...

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When Laura Harris’s kidnapped son returns after eleven devastating years, what she thinks will be a dream come true turns out to be a family nightmare.

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Rectify (season 3) tv show poster

4 episodes

Daniel Holden was convicted for the murder of a girl that he did not kill. He was a young boy when the judge given him the most severe punishment, he had to serve time on Georgia’s Death Row. 19 years have passed, and the guy was acquitted, the police found evidence of his innocence. But the injury which Daniel received will never go away. He ...

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Rogue (season 3) tv show poster

6 episodes

The story tells about a female police officer by the name – Grace. She lost her son recently. He was accidentally shot. Now Grace feels guilty for the death of her only son. She intends to avenge him, and in view of all this, she gets acquainted with a dangerous criminal. Exactly in that moment, Grace found out that their police department has ...

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About a Boy (season 2) tv show poster

20 episodes

Season 2 About a Boy begins when Will returns to San Francisco to sort out his finances after a surprising royalty check. Andy reveals to him that his wife Laurie might be pregnant and he needs Will’s help to find out. Meanwhile, Marcus’s new “friends” don’t sit well with Will and he attempts to convince Fiona that the kids are up to no good.

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Under the Dome (season 3) tv show poster

7 episodes

In the specific case of Stephen King none of his adaptations were not unanimously accepted by the audience, including the audience, who never read his books. Adaptation of “Under the Dome” is better not to compare with the book, and impartially evaluate the product, to the same series filmed not by the book, and it is based on the book, there ...

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 Hannibal (season 3) tv show poster

9 episodes

This spring we see the second season of the series with the appearance of a specific cult killers – the first was the Norman Bates, and now it’s time Hannibal Lecter. Trilogy of lecturers stretched for more than 10 years, because not so often we have films with a similar atmosphere, and was still “Hannibal Rising”. Will Graham ...