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Ultimate Spider-Man (season 1, 2)

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Ultimate Spider-Man (season 1, 2) tv show posterThe animated tv series based on the eponymous comic book of Marvel Universe, and it’s telling us about a young Spider-Man. Nick Fury offered to Spider-man to pass a training course to improve their own skills. During the training, Spider-Man acquires a team of Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Nova and White tigress. During the training Peter gets a special bike. In one of the series we will meet Spider-Man and Iron Man, which will make him the Iron Spider armor.

Original Title: Ultimate Spider-Man
Country, Channel: USA, Disney XD
Release Date: August 30, 2012-2013
Genres: Action, Adventure, Animation
Creator: Steve Ditko, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Cast: Drake Bell, Ogie Banks, Greg Cipes, Clark Gregg, Tom Kenny, Matt Lanter

Runtime: 23 min
Language: English

Download season 1:

Episode 1-26: (3.21 GB)
Publish2 | Keep2share | TezFiles

Download season 2:

Episode 1-13: (2,06 GB)
Publish2 | Keep2share | NitroFlare

Episode 14-26: (2,1 GB)
Publish2 | Keep2share | NitroFlare


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  • Adam

    Can you reload Ultimate Spiderman (all) with English dialogue? Only had Russian(?) dubbed over the English.

  • fj098

    you want to say that the series in Russian? What season?

  • Adam

    Want all in english, have checked some of season 1 ep14-26, all in russian, also tried some episodes (didn’t check every episode) in season 2 ep1-13 and ep14-26. So looks like all is in russian.

  • fj098

    Thank you noticed this blunder. Now all fixes. thanks again

  • noble

    please reupload s02e13-26 on nitroflare

  • fj098


  • Johnaton

    Avengers Assemble Season 3 and Ultimate Spiderman Season 4, please?

  • fj098

    I will not promise, but I’ll try

  • joh

    Any chance of Season 3 and 4 for Ultimate Spiderman