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Channel 4


No Offence (season 2)

3,265 views Comments (0)


7 episodes

Follows a group of police officers on the front line wondering what they did to end up where they are on the ugly side of Manchester. Keeping these streets clean is a Herculean task, enough to demoralize even the keenest rookie. But there’s a reason these cops are in this force. As the never ending rabble off the local estates pours in, Inspector Vivienne Deering, the station’s sharp, funny and hard-as-they-come boss, and her team led by DC Dinah Kowalski and DC Joy Freers, show they have what it takes to crack crime and to expose the addled, the swanky, the pimps, the petty and the really proper nasty bastards for the sewer rats they are.


Black Mirror (season 3)

3,627 views Comments (2)


6 episodes

Over the past ten years technology has changed our activity in every part of our life. Only now, catched by suprise we ask ourselves – how we became like that, what have we done? We’ve got a TV-plasma, a computer, a display of the smartphone in every house, on every table and hand. This is a black mirror and it is a display of our existence in the twenty-first century. Our relationship with the reality has changed. We rely on «Google» and «Apple» companies, we worship them. «Facebook»’s algorithms know more about us than our own parents. We have access to all information in the world, but our heads won’t accept the message more then 140 characters in Twitter. “Black Mirror” is displaying widespread concern for our modern world…



Man Down (season 3)

464 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

Here the men by the name of Dan (Davies) plays the most important role. He is not so honest, so he tried to examine the children world and that wasn’t so easy, as he thought about it. Also the film presents the special life of two people, who are the best friends. They have a lot of problems in communication, but then everything comes right. The end of the film is really special, so you must watch it.


Power Monkeys (season 1)

739 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

A A spin-off comedy series “Ballot Monkeys” with contemporary politics Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. The first is on campaign plane, Putin is in his presidential office. Comedy series show amusing and ridiculous situations.


Flowers (season 1)

726 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

The plot revolves around a little family of Flowers. Maurice and Deborah used to be head over heels in love with each other, they entertained the most tender and quivering feelings. But their marriage has evolved into a real hell. Not only that they live together with a mother of Maurice, so they also have to endure the antics of their twin children. Divorce is not just around the corner …


Indian Summers (season 2)

1,099 views Comments (2)


10 episodes

The story tells us about a man and a woman who are passionate about with his head in his political work. Freya Hoynz was more successful politician than her husband Efden Hoynz. However, such a situation has not always been: a woman for a long time, taking care of family well-being and comfort, it has a pathetic shadow of her husband. And Freya worth taking a step towards success, as he immediately stretched out his hands to the lady. How to react to husband the rapid career of his wife?


This Is England ’90 (season 1)

816 views Comments (3)


4 episodes

90’s! Drugs, raves, freedom! London became a major cultural capital of the world at that time. Combo recently released from prison, and Shaun and Gadget are trying to organize a rave. A Milky and Woody are trying to open a scooter store. How their lives will develop in such beautiful and dramatic times …


Not Safe for Work (season 1)

1,188 views Comments (5)


6 episodes

Katherine worked all her life as an official in public office, which deals with immigrants. During her lifetime, she saw hundreds of thousands of destitute eyes, begging for shelter. These views she will never forget. Once Katherine gets laid off, and the authority provides her the opportunity to work in a satellite office in Northampton. Ironically, now Catherine feels like an immigrant in a foreign land …


The Island (season 1)

825 views Comments (6)


6 episodes

Bear Grills is a famous fan of extreme and unusual travel. Today he launched into another extravagant adventure. At this time together with 13 men from Britain he hit the remote, uninhabited island in the Pacific. They have to create by their own all the necessary items for the existence in this unusual habitat. To do this, they won’t have any special devices and instruments, only the most basic toolbox. At first sight, warm and paradise island does not pose any threat, but let the children of civilization try to survive  in almost primitive conditions.



No Offence (season 1)

2,393 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

No Offence is a new British crime drama created by Paul Abbott. The story tells us about Vivienne Deering, who led the team of detectives in Greater Manchester. Her department has a very complex task, they have to clear the streets of Manchester from crime, debauchery, homeless people and other unpleasant individuals. Moreover, there is a new maniac appeared in the city during this hard period, and he is very difficult to catch. Whether cope the protagonist with this task? (more…)