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Search Party (season 1)

314 views Comments (6)


10 episodes

Single-camera dark comedy about five self-absorbed twenty-somethings who become entangled in an ominous mystery when a former college acquaintance suddenly disappears.


Wrecked (season 1)

1,901 views Comments (7)


10 episodes

After a plane crashes on a remote island, two best friends, and a diverse group of survivors cope with dangerous threats (many of which they cause). The two best friends, Danny and Owen, have a chance to redeem their mediocre lives by becoming leaders of this new society.


The Detour (season 1)

1,236 views Comments (3)


10 episodes

The plot of such serial is based on a family with two children, which was sent to a long trip to Florida. The travelers are very optimistic, because their biggest aim was to look forward an exciting adventure. But their trips are quickly turned into a real series of misadventures. If you want to understand what this serial is about you must watch it. (more…)


Angie Tribeca (season 1)

987 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Angie Tribeca is a female cop veteran in LAPD. She serves in police department approximately 10 years and investigates the most serious cases, from the murder of a ventriloquist to a rash of baker suicides. The show runs on TBS!


Clipped (season 1)

1,046 views Comments (4)


10 episodes

This story is about a beautiful schoolchildren who studied together during thier education, they have fun and enjoy life together. But when school ended, all ran away in different directions! But fate does not like such stories, and it decided to re-unite them together. It so happened that all the guys started working in a barbershop in Charlestown, which is located in Massachusetts. Where will this lead? Look!



Your Family or Mine (season 1)

1,265 views Comments (4)


10 episodes

A brand new family tv show originated by TBS channel tells the story of a family couple in love. Their names are Oliver and Kelly, they live together for a long time. Each episode will narrate the history of their relationship, how they met, how they began to live together and so on so worth. You’ll know all about their friends, their parents and relatives. You will see what is happening in a big family from each side! In the series, took part known actress Kat Foster and Kyle Howard. For them, this is not the first starring together.



Ground Floor (season 2)

1,625 views Comments (8)


10 episodes

The basis of this kind, positive and instructive comedy is simple but very life story. Young man who works in one of the big banks, and occupies its modest place in a huge corporate machine, disappointed in himself and does not believe in the future. His life is monotonous and boring, and for 98% consists of working days. But things are changing! Encounter with a charming girl who wins his heart. Live made young banker happy again, but with the advent of love problems had only added. He is trying to please the strict boss and get rid of girl’s intrusive friend and do relationships become complex and unpredictable. The series from the creators of “Friends”, “Clinic”, “Modern Family” and others.



Men At Work (season 3)

2,303 views Comments (2)

Men At Work TBS poster season 3 2014

10 episodes

This is the story of four guys who work in the same magazine and together they help each other navigate their way through life, love, work and friendship. In season 3, Neal looks for the courage to ask PJ for Amy’s hand in marriage. Milo asks Gibbs to be his mentor, while Tyler worries about getting old. (more…)


TV Shows in 2014-2015 season

20,621 views Comments (11)

TV Shows in 2014-2015 season

In this post, we will provide information about all renewals/cancellations and new shows in 2014-2015 season. We’ll be updating this list as shows get Renewed/Cancelled and when Pilot shows are ordered to Series. If you find any errors or omissions or have any questions, please let us know in the comments below. (more…)


Cougar Town (season 5)

4,447 views Comments (18)

Cougar Town TBS season 5 2014 poster

13 episodes

Cougar Town centers on the “cul de sac crew,” a tight-knit group of friends who keep things funny while supporting each other through the challenges and pitfalls of life – with a little dysfunction and a whole lot of wine. Jules Cobb, a recently remarried mom who is never far from her wine and her friends, including her new husband, Grayson; her under-achieving ex-husband, Bobby; her next-door neighbor and confidante, Ellie; her feisty prot?g?, Laurie; and Ellie’s loveably average husband, Andy. They are frequently joined by Jules’ 21-year-old son, Travis, who tends to be far more mature than anyone else in the group. (more…)