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12 Monkeys (season 3)

446 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Follows the journey of a time traveler from the post-apocalyptic future who appears in present day on a mission to locate and eradicate the source of a deadly plague that will nearly destroy the human race.


The Magicians (season 2)

6,010 views Comments (6)


13 episodes

After being recruited to a secretive academy, a group of students discover that the magic they read about as children is very real and more dangerous than they ever imagined. But will getting hooked on the thrill of magic distract them from honing their powers when they need them most?


The Expanse (season 2)

11,881 views Comments (9)


13 episodes

Two hundred years in the future, in a fully colonized solar system, police detective Josephus Miller (Thomas Jane), who was born in the asteroid belt, is given the assignment to find a missing young woman; Julie Mao (Florence Faivre). Meanwhile, James Holden (Steven Strait), the first officer of an ice freighter, is witness to an unprovoked attack upon the ship, by craft believed to be from Mars (MCRN Federation). As news of the attack spreads throughout the system, the incident’s flow-on threatens to destabilize already tenuous relations between Earth, Mars and The Belt. Far away from the struggles in deep space, on Earth, Chrisjen Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo), a powerful United Nations executive and diplomat, works to prevent war between Earth and Mars by any means. Soon, the 3 find out the missing woman and the ice freighter’s fate are part of a vast covert conspiracy which threatens all humanity.


Incorporated (season 1)

4,290 views Comments (2)

Incorporated - Season 1

10 episodes

A man attempts to thwart a giant corporation that seem to have unlimited power.


Aftermath (season 1)

5,711 views Comments (11)


13 episodes

The main heroes of this exciting serials appears one youthful family with many children, but a very strong family Copeland. The events of “Consequences” series take place at the time of the apocalypse. The Copeland family is fighting for survival in appalling conditions: storms are replaced by earthquakes and meteor showers, and in the world appear supernatural beings..


Van Helsing (season 1)

7,905 views Comments (6)


13 episodes

When the sky is covered with clouds, there come gloomy days. For people it also times when vampires rule the world. And here Vanessa Helsing appears. The fragile girl with very strong character and huge fearlessness. And she is full of determination to rally people and to win the war with vampires. With a small group of people she goes to Colorado where by hearsay the sun still shines. This is a drama story about fight of mankind for return of the lost domination on the earth..


Channel Zero (season 1)

1,589 views Comments (2)


6 episodes

That is a television serial with an interesting plot. Nick Antosca created it and we must say, that he did a great job. Now the new season of the serial has 6 interesting episodes, every of which is self-contained. It is said, that it will be available for watching this autumn. Besides, the story line of this serial is rather popular, so you must watch it soon..


Dark Matter (season 2)

7,084 views Comments (5)

Dark Matter

13 episodes

Loss of memory at all the team happened after they woke up in the spaceship. Who are you and what are you doing here? These questions puzzled all 6 members of the crew. Another urgent question is the purpose of their flight and the final place of stay. Later it turns out that the purpose of the flight is a mining colony that is in a state of war. Which side is the team?



Killjoys (season 2)

3,870 views Comments (7)


10 episodes

In the center of fantastic series Killjoys there are and space adventures and lives of headhunters John and Dutch. Everyone has his own methods of work. Dutch has rough and rapid techniques, but John always tries to reach a compromise and to resolve a problem peacefully. It leads to a conflict between partners though they also work together for 6 years. The situation becomes more intense when the brother of John D’Avin joins them. (more…)


12 Monkeys (season 2)

5,397 views Comments (19)


13 episodes

This TV serial is about apocalyptic future. The main character is Cole, who is a criminal, convicted by his unacceptable behavior. Also he has no willing to work with local authorities. In the year of 2017 the unknown virus appeared and it destroyed almost all the population of the planet. Here survived some people, who were hidden under the ground. After the time gone, scientists decided to use new technology and the government tested it.