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Sundance Channel


Cleverman (season 1)

1,744 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

Such a serial shows our future and its peculiarities. Here are a lot of mythology facts, so this TV show will be very interesting for the people of science. The facts are the truth, but they are presented in a very unique way. It shows how hard is for people to struggle for their living in the Earth. Every year different new things appear, so everything become more developed and get into another way of understanding.


Hap and Leonard (season 1)

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6 episodes

The TV show tells the story about the unusual friendship between two losers – Hap Collins and Leonard Pine. Hap is white hard worker who spent his youth in prison for refusing to fight in Vietnam. Pine – black openly gay, a Vietnam veteran, who turned away from relatives because of his orientation and problems with anger management.


Les Revenants (The Returned) (season 2)

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8 episodes

The Returned opens in a small mountain community which is rocked to its core when several local people who are presumed dead suddenly re-appear at their homes. Despite having passed away some years earlier, these ghostly characters appear in human form, they have not aged, and they are completely unaware of their own fatality. Determined to reclaim their lives and start over, they slowly come to realize that they are not the only ones to have been brought back from the dead. Their return augers torment for their community when a gruesome murder attempt bear a chilling resemblance to the work of a serial killer from the past. This is a homecoming like no other.


Rectify (season 3)

1,420 views Comments (2)


6 episodes

Daniel Holden was convicted for the murder of a girl that he did not kill. He was a young boy when the judge given him the most severe punishment, he had to serve time on Georgia’s Death Row. 19 years have passed, and the guy was acquitted, the police found evidence of his innocence. But the injury which Daniel received will never go away. He sat 19 years in a room with no windows and doors, in a place where people go crazy … Can he get back to the society?


Deutschland 83 (sesason 1)

1,728 views Comments (5)


8 episodes

80’s.  American troops will come to the western part of East Germany . TV show focuses on the GDR agent Martin Roch. He is 24-year-old agent who works in intelligence and counterintelligence services. His main task for the Federal Republic of Germany – to be in the military service of the enemy, and to transfer all the secret information about the actions of NATO. Now the man lives in a completely unusual world where he is surrounded by the wonders of the unknown entirely different civilization.


The Red Road (season 2)

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6 episodes

The protagonist of tv series “The Red Road” is Sheriff Harold Jensen, who is struggling to save his family and at the same time to prevent the collision of two warring communities. On the one hand – there is a small town in which he grew up, and on the other – neighboring Ramapo Mountains, home of the Indians from the mountain Ramapo. After the terrible tragedy whose information was hidden because of the involvement of the sheriff’s wife, Harold and one of the most dangerous members of the tribe make a secret alliance – now together they begin a fierce persecution of all who are guilty of what happened.



Rectify (season 2)

5,167 views Comments (16)

Rectify SundanceTV season 2 2014

10 episodes

In season two we find Daniel Holden becoming an active participant in his life, making decisions and thinking about the future as he struggles to find meaning in a dangerous and unpredictable world. It will also delve into the lives changed by Daniel’s return and the ripple effect his actions have on the people around him. (more…)


TV Shows in 2014-2015 season

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TV Shows in 2014-2015 season

In this post, we will provide information about all renewals/cancellations and new shows in 2014-2015 season. We’ll be updating this list as shows get Renewed/Cancelled and when Pilot shows are ordered to Series. If you find any errors or omissions or have any questions, please let us know in the comments below. (more…)


The Red Road (season 1)

5,614 views Comments (13)

The Red Road Sundance season 1 2014 poster

6 episodes

The series revolves around a local sheriff struggling to keep his family together while simultaneously policing two clashing communities: the small town where he grew up just outside of New York City, and the neighboring mountains – home of a federally unrecognized Native American tribe. After a terrible tragedy and cover-up further divides these worlds, an uneasy alliance is forged between the officer and a dangerous member of the tribe. As each of the two men find themselves increasingly compromised by the other and the emotional ghosts of their collective pasts begin to emerge, the lives of both quickly unravel, leading to terrible consequences. (more…)


Rectify (season 1)

4,498 views Comments (17)

Rectify Sundance season 1 2013 poster

6 episodes

When Daniel Holden is released after nearly 20 years of complete isolation on Death Row, he returns as an outsider to his family, to his community, and to the times. Somehow, he survived the mental and emotional strain of his imprisonment, but now the walls have suddenly come crumbling down and Daniel is set free in a world he no longer understands. He’s an outsider, lost in a once familiar world, struggling to navigate his new found freedom. Combined with two decades of technological and social changes to his small town and the larger world, everything he encounters is a puzzle. (more…)