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Kingdom (season 3)

1,061 views Comments (6)


4 episodes

The drama series Kingdom tell us about MMA – Mixed Martial Arts. Difficult life situations, financial problems,the problems of fathers and children, drugs – all these subjects are touched in these series. Life sets difficult tasks, but it also checks the character of a person.


Rogue (season 4)

9,566 views Comments (1)


10 episodes

Grace, a morally and emotionally-conflicted undercover detective, is tormented by the possibility that her own actions contributed to her son’s mysterious death. In her quest for the truth, Grace finds herself striking out on her own and falling deeper into the city’s most powerful and dangerous crime family. As Grace struggles to become the wife and mother her family now needs, her life is further complicated by a forbidden relationship with crime boss Jimmy Laszlo. In order to stay alive, Grace needs to help Jimmy find the traitor in his midst, while knowing he may have played a part in her tragedy.


Kingdom (season 2)

3,544 views Comments (24)


20 episodes

Alvey Kulina and his girlfriend Lisa are living in California, being lucky enough to combine love to mixed martial arts with work – they own the place called Navy St. Gym, where Alvey helps people to train and training himself. He loves, he fights and he wins, wins over own weakness, wins over stress and wins over depression, when one day Lisa suddenly leaving him. Beautiful dynamic drama about real life of real man.


Rogue (season 3)

3,860 views Comments (14)


20 episodes

The plot of the serial tells about police, where only woman works. The chief officer is Grace. She lost her son, so it was very hard for her to continue working. The cause of death was an accidental shoot and Grace think that it was her fault. So she made a decision to know who is right and who is guilty. Besides, a “rat” appears in her department, so the situation become more complicated. (more…)


Kingdom (season 1)

12,208 views Comments (17)

Kingdom season 1 DirecTV poster 2014

10 episodes

Kingdom is a raw family drama set against the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in Venice, California. Alvey Kulina owns Navy St. MMA with the help of his girlfriend Lisa Prince. He is willing to go through extraordinary means to make sure his fighters are taken care of, but all of this responsibility comes at a steep price. He has complicated relationships with both of his sons, Jay and Nate, who are both struggling with their own identities and places within Alvey’s life and gym. (more…)


Rogue (season 2)

5,980 views Comments (6)

Rogue DirecTV poster season 2 2014

10 episodes

Undercover detective Grace Travis crossed the line between right and wrong and her involvement with the city’s most powerful and dangerous crime family caused her to pay the ultimate price – the loss of her son. This season, Grace tries to get her life under control and stay on the right side of the law. But when one of her agents is murdered, she’s pulled back into a world of lies and deceit, following a trail of dirty money and investigating three soldiers at the center of the drama. Also, new season will pick up with Grace trying to navigate a new life as she remains separated from her husband while balancing her job as handler for an FBI Task Force investigating the shadowy world of corporate espionage in San Francisco. (more…)


Full Circle (season 1)

5,548 views Comments (7)

full circle directv season 1 2013 poster

10 episodes

One attempted connection leads to another. And then another. Set in a restaurant called Ellipsis, Full Circle bears witness to the complexity of human interaction. Each episode centers on two characters and the tangled drama of their relationship. One of them returns with another character in the following episode to reveal a whole new aspect of the riveting story. What happens when it all comes full circle? (more…)


Rogue (season 1)

15,009 views Comments (19)

Rogue DirecTV 2013 season 1 poster

10 episodes

Grace Travis is a wife, mother of two, and the bay area’s best undercover detective. She’s adept at transitioning between suburban life and the Oakland docks where she’s been embedded for months with a criminal enterprise run by James “Jimmy” Laszlo and his sons, Max and Alec. Grace is abruptly pulled out of the field when her son, Sam, is killed in a drive by shooting. Her life is shattered. Four months later… (more…)


Damages (season 5)

6,662 views Comments (12)

Damages Directv season 5 2012 poster

10 episodes

In the final fifth season, Patty Hewes and Ellen Parsons finally find out the relationship between them. Ground for disputes becomes Channing McClaren, owner of the site, devoted to government and corporate transparency. Ellen is ready to use any method to win over her former mentor. She hires Kate Franklin, who is familiar with the Patty’s methods. However, Ellen realizes that Kate can not be trusted. Rutger Simon, the chief lieutenant and gatekeeper for McClaren only adds to the problem. But the time will soon put everything in it’s place … (more…)


Damages (season 4)

4,050 views Comments (11)

Damages DirecTV poster season 4 2011

10 episodes

In the 4th season Ellen Parsons and Patty Hewes are caught up in the fight against the private military contractor Howard T. Erikson. He made his fortune in cooperation with the U.S. government to supply the armed forces in Afghanistan. In addition, Ericsson is under the patronage of the highest echelons of power in Washington. Ellen and Patty are trying to expose a corrupt employer and his business in the Middle East. (more…)