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Sherlock (season 3)

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Sherlock (season 3) tv show poster

3 episodes

In new season, two years after the devastating effects of The Reichenbach Fall, Dr John Watson has got on with his life. New horizons, romance and a comforting domestic future beckon. But, with London under threat of a huge terrorist attack, Sherlock Holmes is about to rise from the grave with all the theatricality that comes so naturally to him. It’s what his best friend wanted more than anything, but for John Watson it might well be a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’! If Sherlock thinks everything will be just as he left it though, he’s in for a very big surprise …

Original Title: Sherlock
Country, Channel: UK, BBC One
Release Date: Junuary, 1, 2014
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Creators: Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat
Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes, Martin Freeman as John Watson, Mark Gatiss as Mycroft, Rupert Graves as Inspector Lestrade, Una Stubbs as Mrs Hudson, Amanda Abbington as Mary Morstan, Louise Brealey as Molly Hooper

Runtime: 90 min
Language: English


English subtitles: Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 00: Many Happy Returns (161,22 MB)
NitroFlare | Publish2 | Keep2share | Uploaded

Episode 1: The Empty Hearse (724,04 MB)
NitroFlare | Publish2 | Keep2share | Uploaded
720p:(1,59 GB)
NitroFlare | Publish2 | Keep2share | Uploaded

Episode 2: The Sign of Three (718,41 MB)
NitroFlare | Publish2 | Keep2share | Uploaded
720p:(1,68 GB)
NitroFlare | Publish2 | Keep2share | Uploaded

Episode 3: His Last Vow (742,31 MB)
NitroFlare | Publish2 | Keep2share
720p:(1,68 GB)
NitroFlare | Publish2 | Keep2share


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  • Dexteria

    the mini episode has been released at 25.
    it’s like prequel or episode 00

    • MND_UA

      Thx, uploaded

  • shameless

    could you please upload shameless UK series 1 please

  • Dexteria

    and the Episode 01 has been aired, another web has uploaded the link.
    Then, I’m waiting for loadtv to upload it :D

  • dude

    is there any chance for uploading season 2?

  • zain

    episode 2?

    • MND_UA

      Tomorrow morning

  • zain

    thank you

  • zain

    episode 3?

    • MND_UA


    • Dexteria

      i’m waiting too :D

      • MND_UA


        • Dexteria

          thx master :)

  • Waynull

    Can you upload to uploaded like usual sir? can’t download with that 2 file sharing, too slow. Thanks before man…

  • aaa

    can you guys share the subtitles for this series?? please help me. I’m getting confuse when watching this series….

    • master_web


  • waiting

    episode 4 is so loooooonnnngggggg to came up T_T

    • master_web

      here just three episode

  • jcgramps

    cant download e1&2

    • master_web

      I check links, and downloaded them. what is your problem?

  • Missy

    Could you check on episode 3 on asfile. I downloaded it twice and when I opened it, it said it was a corrupt file. Also thank you for making all these available to us.

    • master_web


  • gnulab

    episode 3, 720p, keep2share link is broken

    • master_web


  • NEED

    Could you please upload Episode 3 720p for Uploaded

    • master_web

      Sorry, only : AsFile | Publish2 | Keep2share