16 April

Dallas season 2 2013

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dallas season 2 TNT 2013 poster

15 episodes

This TV series is about next generation of the family Ewing. Cousins John Ross Ewing  and Christopher Ewing clash over the family’s oil business and vast fortune. Dallas was the best drama on basic cable among the novelties of 2012.

Original Title: Dallas
Country, Channel: USA, TNT
Release Date: January 28, 2013
Genres: Drama
Directed by: Michael M. Robin
Cast: Jordana Brewster, Jesse Metcalfe, Larry Hagman, Josh Henderson, Patrick Duffy, Julie Gonzalo, Brenda Strong, Charlene Tilton, Linda Gray, Steve Kanaly, Callard Harris, Marlene Forte, Gary Teague, Melissa Wheeler, Dianne Sullivan

Download Dallas season 2 2013:

Episode 1: Battle Lines (344,8 MB)
AsFile | Uploaded

Episode 2: Venomous Creatures (349,3 MB)
AsFile | Uploaded

Episode 3: Sins of the Father (337,4 MB)
AsFile | Uploaded

Episode 4: False Confessions (336,7 MB)
AsFile | Uploaded

Episode 5: Trial and Error (336,6 MB)
AsFile | Uploaded

Episode 6: Blame Game (337,0 MB)
AsFile | Uploaded

Episode 7: The Furious and the Fast (336,4 MB)
AsFile | Uploaded

Episode 8: J.R.’s Masterpiece (352,8 MB)
AsFile | Uploaded

Episode 9: Ewings Unite! (336,9 MB)
AsFile | Uploaded

Episode 10: Guilt & Innocence (337,0 MB)
AsFile | Uploaded

Episode 11: Let Me In (336,9 MB)
AsFile | Uploaded

Episode 12: A Call to Arms (328,2 MB)
AsFile | Uploaded

Episode 13: Love & Family (328,3 MB)
AsFile | Uploaded

Episode 14: Guilt by Association (328,4 MB)
AsFile | Uploaded

Episode 15: Legacies (355,2 MB)
AsFile | Uploaded

Promo of the season 2

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  • Andy

    The show is wonderful! :)

  • Darlineboling

    I love DALLAS, bring it on. Larry Hagman was the best. Hope they wright him off in style just like JR would have done it. He deserves the best! love you forever JR.

  • Darrylstuart

    Brilliant show, just love it here in New Zealand.
    Can’t wait to see more, just sad about Larry Hagman that’s all.
    Will miss you heaps.

  • chris bromley

    is JRoff off after fast and furious episode



    • MND_UA

      I agree. The series is magnificent. I think all will miss Larry. The bright memory of him. So sorry…

  • AJPayne

    I cant seem to downlad episodes 22 onwards, it says file no longer exists or has been moved?? would really like to get rest of season!

    • AJPayne

      Oops I meant episode 12 onwards

      • MND_UA

        I checked. Ep12 work. Try again, please.

  • patricia_holl@hotmail.com

    When will Dallas be on Netflix? I missed the last two episodes :( !!!

    • MND_UA

      I don’t know. You may to download here.

  • BJ

    can’t wait for Jan. 28 to come to start watching Dallas again. Waiting to purchase the last season when it becomes available.

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