21 April

Crisis season 1 2014

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Crisis NBC poster season 1 2014

6 episodes

The show will be the center of the kidnapping of several students, among which are the son of the U.S. President and daughter of heads the powerful business conglomerate Meg Fitch. Meg tells about what happened to her sister Susie Dunn, an FBI agent with whom she wasn’t in contact for many years. Also, in the investigation of the abduction takes part idealistic U.S. Secret Service agent Marcus Finley, whose first day of work in the protection of the president’s son falls on these tragic events. They have access. They have protection. But they have one weakness – their children. The kids are the leverage. You are the ransom. What would You do for your child?

Original Title: Crisis
Country, Channel: USA, NBC
Release Date: March 16, 2014
Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller
Director: Phillip Noyce
Cast: Gillian Anderson as Meg Fitch, Dermot Mulroney as Thomas Gibson, Rachael Taylor as Agent Susie Dunn, Michael Beach as FBI Director Olsen, James Lafferty as Mr. Nash, Lance Gross as Agent Marcus Finley, Halston Sage as Amber Fitch, Max Martini as Koz, Max Schneider as Ian Martinez, Joshua Erenberg as Anton Roth, Stevie Lynn Jones as Beth Ann Gibson

Runtime: 60 min
Language: English

Download Crisis season 1 2014:

Episode 1: Pilot (380,26 MB)
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Episode 2: If You Are Watching This I Am Dead (348,06 MB)
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Episode 3: What Was Done To You (343,78 MB)
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Episode 4: We Were Supposed to Help Each Other (347,20 MB)
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Episode 5: Designated Allies (347,58 MB)
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Episode 6: Here He Comes (347,94 MB)
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  • AxleRose

    Where’s the next episode please?

    • master_web

      While it was not.

      • AxleRose

        Your answer doesn’t make sense.
        When will the next episode be available please? Episode two?

        • master_web

          24 march.

  • ER

    Number 3 is off!

    • master_web


  • Dawn

    Hi, number 5 has been deleted due to abuse. Could you reload? Thanks

  • Chris

    Hi, number 5 has been deleted due to abuse. Could you please reload? Thank you

    • master_web


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