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Travelers (season 1)

650 views Comments (0)


1 episodes

The events take place in your time, but here you can always enjoy their history. A lot of humans on our planet, began to realize, that there is a 21st century now. But in the center at attention there are travelers, who have very interesting and exciting lives. But they didn’t expect, that one day everything can change and that was a problem for humanity. So they decide to change the situation..


The Get Down (season 1)

745 views Comments (2)


6 episodes

In the early 1970s in New York fine buildings were abandoned, the streets were dirty, empty parks, schools had old look. At the abandoned houses were running dogs of the pack, and on their roofs were trees. City looks more like a decoration to a post-apocalyptic film than one of the largest cities in the world and the place of residence of a few million people. One endless ghetto with destroyed homes and looted cars. New York of that time certainly was a rare garbage. But even at this time there were people who had the courage to get out of the poorest neighborhoods and create such directions of music like hip-hop, punk and disco..


Haters Back Off (season 1)

167 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

If you like the films with unusual stories, this one will be one of the best. Here you can enjoy Miranda Sings life. She is a vocalist without talent, but her first aim is to become a celebrity. Her friends, uncle and mother wanted to help her, so they propose her to take part in Netflix show, where a lot of people have an opportunity to become real stars. The results were unbelievable!.


Frontier (season 1)

162 views Comments (0)

That is a scripted series, that is very popular on Discovery Channel. Here you can see the struggle over the control of fur trade in North America. There a lot of interesting moments are shown, so it will be interesting to watch at any age. A special organization has an aim to save poor animals and they have great results in it. And nothing will stop them in this mission..


Narcos (season 2)

2,325 views Comments (3)


10 episodes

To catch and to kill, the question is not worth. Now the goal is to catch and to destroy. Such a task is set by the President after the most famous drug trafficker Pablo Escobar has escaped from prison. Violent armed attacks, kidnappings, killings of judges and police officers, that is all about him – the great and terrible Pablo Escobar, His empire is built on bribery of government officials and politicians, his slogan is “a bribe or a bullet.” The second season continues the story of the life and crimes of the world-famous drug dealer..


Grace and Frankie (season 3)

226 views Comments (2)



A friend in need is a friend indeed. And when your husband is going to live with the husband of your friend, this is trouble. Two middle-aged ladies learn that their husbands love each other for many years and are going to live together as one family. The main characters Grace and Frankie decide to forget all their differences and find a way out of this unusual situation. If they can overcome personal dislike on the background of the shock?..


BoJack Horseman (season 3)

399 views Comments (0)


12 episodes

Here you can see a film, which began to be popular in 1990. People all over the world knew the BoJack Horseman, who is a hero in TV-show. Now his life is full of interesting and fun moments. Because he lived in a Hollywood, where all the dreams are come true. But he is always dissatisfied with his life, because there are a lot of problems. Especially the question of colorful sweaters disturbs him.



Hemlock Grove (season 3)

566 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

This film has a really interesting plot. In the center of attention we can see a teenage girl, which was killed by unknown person. It is too hard to find the murder in the city, where everybody knew each other. But the people didn’t give up. They decided to punish him and to put him to the prison. Everything comes not so easy, but the result must be get as soon as possible.


Stranger Things (season 1)

3,463 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

The story is about little city, where a lot of people live. They are very friendly with each other, so they haven’t any problem. But one day there was an accident, that caused a lot of misunderstanding. Children and adults were shocked, because nobody cannot control his emotions. Only the help of government was the only way of success. Nobody couldn’t imagine, that the situation will come in such a way.


Between (season 2)

716 views Comments (2)


6 episodes

The main idea of the story is a catastrophe with the human factor. Here we can see a small town, which was addicted to a rare disease. There live only children and people at the age of 20. When they reach a 22 years, they are wiped out. The reason of such acts cannot be discussed. But the scientists notice a vacuum, which influenced on people and they warn all the inhabitants and everything will be okay.